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Connection For Life

About Us

We specialize in helping couples and individuals develop trust, intimacy, connection, and deeper understanding of themselves and their loved ones.  We seek to empower individuals, families, and couples with the skills and knowledge they need to overcome their unique challenges in order to pursue a more fulfilling life. Our mission is to become a pillar in the community for mental health. 

Image by Matheus Ferrero

Our Story

The Marriage and Family Clinic was originally started near Denver, Colorado. The clinic has since expanded into Las Vegas, Nevada and now Spanish Fork, Utah. 

This clinic location carries on the passion of helping couples navigate all sorts of life problems ranging from infidelity to communication difficulties. As professional marriage counselors, we're particularly adept at helping couples who live more like roommates, find themselves arguing frequently, and those frustrated with a partner who just doesn't seem to care about improving themselves or the relationship. 

One of Our Favorite Quotes:

"There's nothing harshness does that loving firmness can't do better." - Terry Real

Meet the Team

Contact us personally with questions about us or the therapy process. You can find our emails below. 

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