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Support Group

Group Therapy

This format of therapy is a great way to learn with and from others experiencing similar things as you. Guided by our skilled therapists, some groups have an emphasis on support, while others emphasize education and learning.


Cost: $35 per group therapy session, per person

Time: Groups run for 60-90 minutes, weekly or biweekly

Groups Offered

Some of our groups are closed, while some are open. Closed groups run for a specified number of weeks with the same group of people throughout that time. Open groups can be joined on any week by anybody interested

Paper Heart

Parents of LGBTQ+ Youth

This group is designed as a hybrid group, providing both support opportunities and education. LGBTQ+ issues can be sensitive and difficult. A prevailing mentality driving parents and kids apart is "if you're not fully with me, then you are fully against me". Come learn how to face these challenges with love, preserving the relationship while also protecting your teens. 

Rock Band

21st Century Men's Group: Coming Soon

This is a group designed by men, for men. Our society teaches us many things about what it means to be a man. Often, these things conflict with having deep, intimate relationships with others, especially our partners. Come learn how to more effectively communicate, experience emotions, and navigate the complexities of manhood.

Teen Students

LGBTQ+ Teen Group: 
Coming Soon

This group is designed for teens who find themselves struggling with their identities, fitting in with others, and getting along with their parents. This group is focused on building skills and learning tools to help navigate important relationships, understand how to develop and prioritize self-identities, and how to find support in healthy ways. 

Parents of LGBTQ+ Youth

Details: This is a closed group running for 8 weeks and requires registration. The next group begins Tuesday, April 18th at 8pm. The capacity is 12 people.

Holding the balance between loving our children and honoring and respecting religious beliefs that mean so much to us can be difficult. This therapy group is part educational and part supportive for parents of LGB children who belong to religions that may present beliefs or views that are in conflict with their children’s and perhaps their own experience. It is not the intention of this workshop to dissuade parents from their own religious beliefs. However, this workshop is for parents that are willing and able to consider more nuance and openness in their views about their LGB children and beliefs about God and truth. We do not claim to have answers for all of the intricacies of this difficult intersection and it is not our right to tell you what to do or how to think. But we would like to invite you to make space within yourself to explore better ways of thinking, communicating, and living in order to better understand your children, yourself, and the beliefs that you hold sacred. 

Within this group we will cover and explore different avenues of self-care to support the health of a parent so that they may in turn support the health of their child from a place of strength. We will also explore visions and concepts of God, ourselves, and how these beliefs and narratives interact together. We will explore questions such as “Who do I believe God is?” “How do I believe God views my child?” “What kinds of stories do I tell about myself and about the child I am concerned about?” “What wars might be raging within myself and how do I transform those wars into peace and faith?” “How does my child see the world and what do they need from me?” We aim to help you as a parent feel supported, feel more hopeful, feel more capable of understanding your loved ones, and feel more inspired to better understand yourself so that you will be able to help your child thrive and create meaningful relationships with them.

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