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Retreats, & Intensives

All of these services are geared towards couples. We offer workshops on a monthly basis, retreats on a yearly basis, and intensives are available upon request. 

Couple's Communication Workshop

This workshop is designed for couples looking for a strong boost in their communication skills. Whether you struggle with frequent arguing and fighting or are just disconnected and distant, this is for you!


This is also a great introduction to the kinds of things commonly covered in couple's therapy, so if you or your partner are on the fence about committing to the therapy process, give this a try first!

"This workshop was a great experience for my husband and me! We felt that the environment allowed us to comfortably discuss our concerns and find extremely tangible solutions. I can now recognize my natural tendencies and understand why I react the way I do. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone looking to improve their relationship!"

Whitney, Workshop Participant

Couple's Intensives

Who is this for? 

These intensives are designed for the couple on the brink of divorce. You are looking for one last chance to try to make things work. You both recognize there is a lot on the line, and neither can continue with the way things are. You are either walking away from this intensive holding hands with new vigor to make improvements or on the way to a divorce lawyer. 

Why an intensive instead of regular therapy? 

Time is the biggest factor. An intensive will move you through months of therapeutic work and insights in a matter of hours. A typical intensive usually spans the course of two days with a total of 10-12 hours of therapy time.  

How do I get this scheduled? 

If you are interested in scheduling an intensive or learning more about this process, please give us a call. Intensives are scheduled upon request and can be over any two days of the week. The most common days to schedule are Friday and Saturday. A deposit is required in order to secure the therapist's time. The rate for intensives is $200 per hour.

Heart Shape

Couple's Retreats

Retreats are designed with your relationship as the focus. This is not just a luxurious getaway. Each day is packed with opportunities, experiential and other, that help you connect, bond, and rediscover your passion for each other. These retreats are all-inclusive. 

Please stay tuned for more details about our next retreat. 

If you are interested in being a part of our next retreat, please fill out the info and specify your interest in the retreat in the message box to get your name on our list. 

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