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Here at The Marriage and Family Clinic, We Help You Achieve Results In Weeks, Not Years

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Our Specialties

Holding Hands


We are particularly specialized in helping couples who feel more like roommates than romantic partners, who engage in frequent arguing/fighting, who feel like they are on the brink of divorce, and who experience inequality in some or all aspects of the relationship. 

End the misery.  Let us help. 

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Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety and depression can be debilitating and exhausting. The constant cycle of worry or sadness can lead to increased irritability, disconnection from others, and negative beliefs about ourselves. Whether this is related to your current circumstances or something you've been experiencing for some time, there is hope! Let us help. 


Both parents and kids have difficulties to navigate that previous generations have never experienced. From non-stop screen time to viral social trends, we are experts at helping families address these current struggles. Communication, discipline, boundaries, and emotional connection are just some of the areas we can address. Let us help.

Glad you found us!

Let's get to the point.

We help couples, families, and individuals achieve their goals fast. Our approach is down-to-earth and practical. Look, we recognize if you knew how to solve your problems you wouldn't be on our site contemplating therapy in the first place. 

We want to get you the tools, skills, and knowledge you need to create the life you want. And we don't wait till the 10th session to get you there. 

Most couples report an increase in relationship satisfaction and most individuals report an increase in hope, confidence, and progress by the 3rd session! How do we do it? Read below to find out.

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Whether it’s your first time in therapy or you’re a seasoned veteran looking for a new therapist, scheduling a first appointment can be nerve wracking. Let’s put those worries to rest and explain what the process is like in the first few sessions and moving forward. 

This is generally how things go but can vary based on circumstances. 

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Intake Session

  • Review Paperwork (we don't like it either, but gotta do it)

  • Establish Expectations

  • You describing why you are seeking therapy and your hopes for the process

  • Brief History Taking


The “Nitty Gritty” and Developing a Plan

  • Review a more detailed history of where you've been and where you want to go

  • Co-create an action plan

  • Learn practical coping skills that will help you feel more empowered and in control of your life


Fine Tune and Recalibrate

  • We will explore your story, thought patterns, emotional barriers, and behavioral habits

  • Identify resources to support you in your journey

  • You will continue to learn new skills, assess, and adapt what is and isn’t working for you



  • Usually start weekly for the 1st month

  • Commonly transition to biweekly for months 2 & 3

  • After 8-10 sessions most couples no longer need therapy on a regular basis


  • Usually start weekly for the first 2 months

  • After 6-8 sessions we assess progress and desired growth

  • Often move to a bimonthly schedule to accommodate maintenance therapy work

By the 3rd sessionmost of our clients report improvements in their lives and relationships.  

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Intake Session

  • Review paperwork (we don't like it either, but gotta do it)

  • Establish expectations

  • You describing why you’re seeking therapy and your hopes for the experience

  • Brief relationship history


Individual Meetings

  • 30 minutes with each partner individually

  • Exploring goals and personal history

  • 10-15 minutes combined at the end

  • Review relationship needs


Stance, Stance, Dance

  • Clearly define the stances you are both taking in the relationship

  • Understand how these stances interact to create your relational "dance"

  • Gain unique insight around what's not working

  • Learn new skills and tools to create the relationship you want

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Meet Our Experts

We’re proud of the fact that we have an incredible team of family and marriage counselors here at The Marriage and Family Clinic.

Here's What Our Clients Have to Say About Their Experience With Us

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"Payton is by far one of the best therapists we’ve ever worked with. He has a very calm, warm, gentle style that puts everyone at ease and creates an emotionally safe space. He is extremely adept at identifying the core, underlying issues and then presenting those in a non-confrontational way so no one becomes defensive. He is empathetic but also fantastic at setting boundaries and not allowing unhealthy patterns to continue. He empowers his clients to be part of the solution by helping them set goals and strategies for change."

Heather and George

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