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Thrive: Therapist Tips for Individuals, Couples, and Families

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Welcome to Thrive, A Blog by The Marriage and Family Clinic Designed with You in Mind

Related to Marriage Counseling, Family Therapy, and Individual Therapy

Hey there, and welcome! This blog is written by a few therapists with the hopes of saving the world one person, one couple, and one family at a time. We specialize in families, couples, and LGBTQ+ individuals. Our training as marriage and family therapists as well as professional mental health counselors has led us to start a therapy practice located in Spanish Fork, Utah. We seek to serve not just Spanish Fork, but all the surrounding communities and Utah at large via telehealth options. Our aim is to become a pillar for mental health in the community.

This is our office building located at 765 N Main St. in Spanish Fork, Utah.

The Point of the Blog

Our hope is to provide easy-to-read information that is relevant to you and your life. Our blog posts will typically be just a few paragraphs of rich content designed to help you get the most out of a short read. We are going to cover topics like couples, parenting, LGBTQ+, and family relations.

Our Therapy

Our blog will reflect our therapy styles and stances. You can get to know us by reading our posts. In therapy, we seek to help you achieve your goals in weeks not years. We're not the kind of therapists that you see for the next five years.

We want to help you learn the skills, tools, and knowledge that you need to live your best life, without us. This blog is made with you in mind and those same intentions.

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